CAD doctor

CADdoctor is the ultimate desktop application software for 3D data translation, PDQ (Product Data Quality) validation, repair and transformation. CADdoctor supports highly precise and reliable data translation among multi-CAD as well as strict PDQ validation. It also provides automated or guided geometry repair functions.

CADdoctor has several different functions offering process specific functions to address ‘Geometry Simplification’, ‘Geometry Verification’, ‘Reverse Engineering’, ‘Polygon Handling’, ‘Mid-surface’ and ‘Quality Check for Injection Mold Manufacturing’.

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Translate and Repair

To translate data from one CAD system to another with CADdoctor, the user only needs to specify input and output formats. CADdoctor properly converts the mathematic explanation and topological representation to usable forms in the different CAD systems. Tolerance and compliance criteria are maintained at an acceptable level. Validation items are automatically selected so that you can adequately repair models for the target system.

CADdoctor contains various optimization functions in addition to its data translation functions.
The options allow for end-to-end data distribution throughout the product development cycle.

  • ‘Geometry Simplification’ for CAE/CAM solutions
  • ‘Mid-surface’ for CAE solutions
  • ‘Reverse Engineering’ from Point-Cloud/Polygon
  • ‘Manufacturing Quality Check for Mold Manufacturing’
  • ‘Geometry Validation’