CAD feature

CADfeature is a feature-based translation system that offers complete design intent transfer with the scalability to address the needs of individual designers or globe-spanning enterprises.

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Feature-Based Translation

CADfeature preserves the design intent of legacy and other source CAD files by transferring the full recipe used to define a model’s geometry. It translates the data with features, geometric constraints, assembly constraints, assembly relations, associated drawings, 3D annotations and attributes. This enables you to remaster part and assembly histories, parameters, dimensions, sketches and constraints as well as relationships among features.

Upon completing a translation, CADfeature has very robust quality checking tools to ensure the accuracy. Data-mining can also be done prior to translation to give a high-level overview of expected success/fail ratio.

Because all data and company’s methodology practices vary, Elysium also takes pride in the ability to turnaround customized development efforts and continually make enhancements to the product.


Workaround by the Combination of Feature and B-Rep Translation

One of the biggest advantages of CADfeature is that you always get results. Our original feature translation kernel retrieves the optimum solution for the corresponding feature in the target CAD system. When the corresponding feature doesn’t exist, features are translated as B-rep coexistence models to obtain results without failure. The translation results are especially practical by the complete success provided with this advanced B-rep translation technology of Elysium.