Direct Translator

Pushbutton, Native CAD-to-CAD Translation and Exchange of Parts and Assemblies :
Elysium’s DirectTranslator provides a seamless connection between different CAD systems. The official partnerships with CAD vendors, along with Elysium’s best-in-industry geometry handling technology, guarantee the highest translation success rates. It greatly exceeds translation achieved by data exchanges via neutral formats, such as IGES or STEP, or any other translation tool in both quality and performance.

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Accurate Translation Including PMI : The largest advantage of Elysium’s DirectTranslator is the best-in-industry translation success rate between multiple CAD formats. Elysium has developed interoperability solutions under the official partnerships with all the major CAD vendors, and is well acquainted with the characteristics of each CAD system. Elysium DirectTranslator optimizes 3D CAD data for the target CAD system using its deep knowledge of CAD systems and sophisticated geometry handling technology. Its support of non-geometry elements, such as attributes and PMI (Product Manufacturing Information), as well as geometric information is what makes DirectTranslator stand out from all data exchange via other neutral formats.

Quick Support for Industry Demands and the Latest CAD Versions : The CAD world is constantly changing with new CAD releases, data migration projects at large manufacturers, etc. Thanks to the secure partnerships with CAD vendors and industry leaders, Elysium takes pride in its capability to catch the industry trend by providing translators for new CAD systems and supporting the latest CAD versions as they are released.

Easy to Use :Another advantage of Elysium’s DirectTranslator is its ease of use. Once installed, you’re only a few clicks away from importing your vital data from one CAD system to the next.