Point Cloud to Bring Innovation to Engineering World
InfiPoints is the ultimate and powerful software to cover all your needs for point cloud utilization in engineering—data import, pre-processing, analysis, CAD modeling, and sophisticated outputs.

InfiPoints offers rich functionalities to not only view your 3D scanned point cloud data, but also to utilize them in advanced engineering.

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Five Key Advantages

Stress-free Handling : Stress-free handling of even billions of points in your scanned data such as that of huge buildings, plants and construction sites

High Quality Automatic Registration :Point cloud registration as well as quantitative assessments of the result leveraging Elysium technology

Fast CAD Modeling: High quality automatic feature extraction of planes and cylinders and easy modeling of pipes and steel structure modeling

Interoperability with BIM Solutions:Correlation of real buildings or equipment with BIM solutions

Optimal Information Sharing: Advanced on-site information sharing via fly-though videos, 2D drawings, and visualization files creating new methods of communication for efficient work processes


Functional Overview

Data Import : Import scanned point cloud data without size limitations and view massive point cloud data sized over a few million gigabytes with high performance
Data Pre-processing: Register several shots from laser scanning automatically and remove all types of noises automatically
Analysis: Detect interferences and collisions to study layout changes and carry-in/out routes and compare concept plans versus post-construction state
3D Modeling: Extract planer and cylindrical shapes in point clouds automatically to generate 3D CAD models of existing structures with a short lead time
Sophisticated Outputs: Create sophisticated outputs for smooth communication such as high resolution 2D images, videos